Legal aid

Legal assistance

If you need advice on a problem turn to Kaido Künnapas for legal assistance. To receive competent expert advice, you need to describe your problem in the below field and pay the web-based counselling fee of 50 EURs using the Femini OÜ payment link.

The service is offered in Russian, Finnish, and English.

This is Estonian legislation!

Kaido Künnapas

Kaido Künnapas

Professionaalne ja asjatundlik õigusabi.

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This is Estonian legislation!

Clicking on the title of a law will open it on the web site of the State Gazette.

Marital Property Register Act
Law of Property Act
Copyright Act
Republic of Estonia Child Protection Act
Dwelling Act
Maintenance Aid Act
Political Parties Act
Administrative Procedure Act
Savings and Loan Associations Act
Building Associations Act
Individual Labour Dispute Resolution Act
Hunting Act
Penal Code
Trade Marks Act
Funded Pensions Act
Bailiffs Act
Collective Labour Dispute Resolution Act
Apartment Associations Act
Law of Criminal Procedure
Conciliation Act
Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act
Land Tax Act
Non-profit Associations Act
Victim Support Act
Bankruptcy Act
Vital Statistics Registration Act
Family Law Act
Social Benefits for Disabled Persons Act
Law of Succession Act
Accounting Act
Private International Law Act
State Legal Aid Act
Public Procurement Act
State Family Benefits Act
State Funeral Benefits Act
State Pension Insurance Act
Rehabilitation Act
Foundations Act
Old-Age Pensions under Favourable Conditions Act
Social Welfare Act
Social Tax Act
Consumer Protection Act
Code of Civil Procedure
General Part of the Civil Code Act
Income Tax Act
Commercial Associations Act
Code of Enforcement Procedure
Employment Contracts Act
Labour Market Services and Benefits Act
Unemployment Insurance Act
Parental Benefit Act
Law of Obligations Act
Debt Restructuring and Debt Protection Act
Superannuated Pensions Act
Code of Misdemeanour Procedure
Commercial Code
Act on Solving Disputes in Lease Agreements