Author: Reilika Nestor 09.01.2015 at 00:00

Fruit, vegetables, salads, and vegetable juices should be consumed before your main meal. Then your organism manages to absorb their most valuable ingredients - vitamins.

If you want to avoid dry skin or an ill-looking pale complexion, eat the right amount of vitamins. It would be best, if you can get them naturally from food, rather than from food supplements.

Since vitamins are dissolved in water, foods rich in them should be boiled as shortly and with as little water as possible (the boiling water can also be used later on, to avoid wasting precious compounds).

It’s important to know that using baking soda decreases absorption of vitamins.

Let us remind you which vitamins are most important:

Vitamin A
Red and yellow vegetables, carrot, pumpkin, tomatoes, sweet cherries.
Spinach, green lettuce, peas, sourdock, onion tops.
Also in fish fat, fatty cottage cheese, liver, and eggs.
Foods containing vitamin A shouldn’t be kept exposed to sunlight and air for too long nor heated at high temperatures.

Vitamin B1
Yeast, liver, mushrooms, rye bread.

Vitamin B2
Yeast, liver, mushrooms, milk, cheese, and vegetables. Vitamin B2 is destroyed by light.

Vitamin C
Potatoes, sauerkraut, lemon, blackthorn berries, brierberries, brierberry tincture (cover berries with 70% spirit and keep in dark for a week, use 5-6 drops at a time).
Vitamin C is dissolved in water. You should eat food rich in vitamin C shortly after preparation.

Vitamin D

Eggs, butter, cream, milk, mushrooms, fish fat.
The sun is the biggest source of vitamin D!