Stages of aging


Stages of aging

Author: Reilika Nestor 02.11.2014 at 00:00

Early stage of aging

  • Sagging of soft tissues of your face and neck
  • Losing tone, weary-looking face
  • Formation of narrow wrinkles
  • Changes in face and neck
  • Weakening of facial muscles

At this stage, you shouldn’t have too many wrinkles, although they sometimes form around the eyes. This is especially evident when squinting the eyes. In the morning, after a good rest, your face always looks rested and fresh. Wrinkles usually become visible quicker on people with skinny, oval, and narrow faces and with dry and thin facial skin. Your weight stabilizes between 35 to 45 years of age, which is why the probability of developing weight-related wrinkles will decrease. Weight, sleep, smoking, and alcohol have the biggest effect on our body and beauty.

Later stage of aging
  • The skin on your face and neck becomes wearier
  • Signs appear of sleepless nights and stress, smoking and alcohol from your younger years
Considering all of the above characteristic changes, a woman has to prepare herself for old age. It’s true indeed that a 50-year-old woman needs to give double the effort compared to a 25-year-old.

Little tips for ladies in their advanced years
  • Take a little walk every morning
  • After your morning activities, wash yourself with warm water, increasing the temperature of water step-by-step. This soothes the nervous system. After the warm shower, turn the tap to cold for as long as your body can withstand, in order to stimulate blood circulation. 
  • After washing up, massage yourself with cream or vegetable oil, beginning from your feet and ending with your neck and face. 
  • Your breakfast should be light: caffeine-free coffee, porridge with water, boiled egg. You can also drink herbal tea of your choice.
  • Lecithin pills improve memory and support the nervous system. Consult your physician for instructions on use.
  • Correct nutrition can change your life. Eat a lot of fresh stuff!