Upper limb massage


Upper limb massage

Author: Reilika Nestor 26.01.2015 at 00:00

Self massage is performed sitting. Support your left hand on your thigh, keeping its palm near your knee. Knead your forearm beginning from the backside. Use your right fingers to push the skin of your left hand from the palm towards your elbow. Then switch to the front side of the hand.

Continue with rubbing your fingers, finger joints, finger gaps, and your hand. While kneading the left hand, your right thumb and fingers have to be placed opposite each other.
Now rub your wrist joint. Rub also your elbow and knead it in the same direction as earlier. You should move from the wrist towards the elbow.

Now it’s time for the elbow joint. Place your left arm loosely on your thigh with the palm facing up. Place your right thumb on the front side of your elbow joint and leave your fingers behind your arm or on the side. Make alternating circular rubbing movements with your thumb and fingers.

Begin massaging your shoulder by kneading from the elbow towards the shoulder. Leave the palm of the hand that is massaged resting on your thigh with a slightly bent elbow. Then begin with kneading the front shoulder muscle (biceps). Grab gently around the muscle, keeping your thumb on the inner side. Squeezing should be performed upwards. To massage the back part of your shoulder (the triceps), you have to place your right hand between your thighs and lean forward. To get a good grab, you need to bend your working hand well. The massage should be performed upwards.

The massage will end with the deltoid muscle on top of your shoulder. In order to relax the muscle, bend your right leg, and support its heel on the edge of a chair or couch. Then place your right elbow on your knee so that your hand hangs loose. Grab the muscle with your left fingers and knead it towards the neck.