Drugs, nicotine, smoking, alcohol, and caffeine


Drugs, nicotine, smoking, alcohol, and caffeine

Author: Reilika Nestor 12.12.2014 at 00:00

Nicotine and caffeine enjoyed by many people every day can certainly be deemed necessary, but they can have very harmful effects depending on our individual differences. Pure nicotine is an extremely acute and strong poison. This is why smoking can be lethal. The same goes for caffeine. Excessive use of coffee can cause problems in our bodies. In general, modest use of caffeine and nicotine is safe.

A bigger problem today is alcohol and drug dependence. No one needs to abstain from alcohol completely, but there is plenty of room for common sense. Alcohol, in itself, is a useful supportive resource in medicines and can have some beneficial effects if used in moderation. People should always limit themselves when drinking alcohol to avoid it interfering with their family life and daily activities.

You should be very careful with making a habit of alcohol, even if it’s just a few beers per day. In time, your habit can grow you accustomed with larger amounts and you will begin drinking more to achieve a pleasant feeling of drunkenness. This can lead to dependence and not long after that, you may discover that your life revolves drink alone.

The only way out for alcoholics is complete abstinence without any exception or deference. It’s important to consider that healthy people seldom become addicted to alcohol. Alcoholism usually has a hereditary factor and can be viewed as an illness.

Often enough, people found in emotional and bodily distress have not descended to this state due to alcohol abuse. It can be the other way around – people who suffer great emotional stress can turn to alcohol for comfort. Family members of alcoholics nearly always suffer grave mental trauma. Alcoholics usually don't care about anything beside their drink. When sober again, they whole-heartedly regret their ways, but they can’t withstand the need for the next fix.

Drugs are harmful substances that quickly cause dependence. Their effect is different on every person. Drugs usually cause a sense of wellbeing, carelessness, and joy, tremendous energy and will. This is an illusion. Some substances even cause straight-forward hallucinations. This is why a drug-user's perception of reality is always far from it.

Use of such poison can have a devastating effect even it’s just to try or a one-time thing. These days, many people fall for the concept of “trying”. One thing tends to lead to another, and a harmless habit becomes a “passion”. Soon after that, addicted people find themselves in a situation they can’t fight. Drug use causes spiritual, mental, and bodily decay. This is why it’s important to find the will-power to say “no” before trying.

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