Nourishing creams for normal and dry skin


Nourishing creams for normal and dry skin

Author: Reilika Nestor 11.12.2014 at 00:00

  • Cocoa butter cream
2 spoons of cocoa butter
½ a spoon of beeswax
8 spoons of olive oil
Warm in a water bath and stir thoroughly. If the ingredients have completely melted, remove container from heat and stir until cooled. Add a few drops of perfume during stirring.
This cream will soften your skin.

  • Guelder rose cream
3 spoons of olive oil
4 spoons of guelder rose oil
1 spoons of lanolin
Mix all ingredients on a water bath, apply heat briefly and cool for an hour. Then strain and slowly add 3 spoons of warm water.

  • Wheat germ cream
1 tsp of beeswax
5 spoons of lanolin
3 spoons of corn oil
2 spoons of wheat germ oil
5 spoons of water
1 spoon of chamomile tea
½ a spoon of borax
A few drops of perfume
Melt wax and oil on a water bath. Heat water and borax. If borax has completely dissolved, add the mixture to the melted oils. Stir until you have a thick nourishing cream.
Lanolin and wheat germ contains vitamin E.

  • Honey cream
3 spoons of lanolin
½ a spoon of honey
1 tsp of lecithin
Mix the components and melt on a water bath. Slowly add 4 spoons of water. Stir continuously until cooled.
Honey is extremely beneficial for your entire body, especially for dry, rough, and sensitive skin. If you're sensitive towards honey, do not use this cream.

  • Vitamin cream
½ a spoon of beeswax
1 spoon of lanolin
1 spoon of wheat germ oil
½ tsp of vitamin E oil solution
½ tsp of vitamin A oil solution
6 spoons of distilled water
½ of borax
2 drops of benzoin tincture
Melt wax and oils on a water bath. At the same time, dissolve borax in warm water. Quickly add the solution to the oils and stir until cool. Then add benzoin tincture. Continue stirring until cream sets.

  • Strawberry cream
2 spoons of lanolin
2 spoons of sunflower oil
3 crushed strawberries
Melt lanolin and sunflower oil on a water bath. Remove from heat and slowly mix in the strawberries.
If you're sensitive towards strawberries, avoid using this cream.

  • Greasy nourishing cream
2 spoons of olive oil
1 spoon of almond oil
½ tsp of beeswax
½ a spoon of borax
Melt components on a water bath. Dissolve ½ a spoon of borax with 3 spoons of warm water in a separate container. Add the borax water to the oils slowly and stir until the cream cools.

  • Rose petal nourishing cream
1 tsp of beeswax
8 tsp of almond oil
4 tsp of lanolin
4 tsp of corn oil
6 tsp of rose water
A few drops of benzoin tincture
Melt wax and oils together on a water bath. Heat rose water and benzoin tincture. Add on mixture to the other, while constantly stirring.
In addition to providing nourishment, this cream also helps to smooth wrinkles.