Recreational sports – what to keep in mind when exercising?


Recreational sports – what to keep in mind when exercising?

Author: Reilika Nestor 02.02.2015 at 00:00

Recreational sports are becoming more popular all over the world. As much as we approve all forms of sport, exercise, and fitness, you have to avoid extremes. As soon as you develop a desire for breaking records and greater achievement, your exercise habit can turn against you and become unhealthy. Competitive sports aren’t recreational sports!

It’s wrong to exercise when you’re physically or mentally exhausted. It’s completely normal that once in a while you don't feel like exercising or just don't have it in you. Don't ignore that feeling. There’s nothing worse for your body and mind than exercising after a tiring day and exhausting yourself even more. This will take a toll on your health and will be counter-productive to your plans of strengthening your body and health.

You shouldn’t forget your home and family. You have to divide your attention between cleaning, taking care of your children, cooking, and caring for yourself.

Before adopting an active lifestyle, you should consult with your family doctor to establish your health indicators. What does your heart say? What are the limits and capacities you should reckon with? Over-exercising does most damage to young women who are close to becoming mothers and should be especially careful with their health.

Amateurs shouldn’t idolize people working in gyms, as exercising is their livelihood. Our lives revolve around other things and we shouldn’t forget this.

When going to the gym, you should remember that they get a lot of people. People who sweat. Have you noticed how many people have a towel with them and how many use it to wipe themselves at all? Or how dirty gym equipment is? It would be awkward to walk around the gym with cleaning supplies, but we can still be careful by applying a few less quirky rules:

  • Don’t put dirty hands near your mouth
  • Wear flip-flops in washing rooms
  • Wash yourself properly
  • Wash your training clothes (incl. your trainers, bag, towel) after every session
  • Remember that you’ll bring dirt home from the gym with your equipment

There are some ground rules to nutrition too. Fitness drinks, power bars, and special powders are never good for us as they're full of chemically processed compounds are bodies actually don’t need.

No one is a lesser person because they don’t go to the gym. Taking walks and being active in fresh air is completely sufficient.
A short walk every day can save us from a lot of trouble. It doesn’t burden your mind or heart, but gives you energy. With beautiful weather, we can walk to work in the morning and back home in the evening. You don't have to walk the whole way, just choose whatever distance you’re comfortable with.

People who wish to begin with a specific exercise routine should follow the principle of “easy does it”. Top athletes have entire teams to look after their well-being and health. They have nutrition and training plans. Their whole day follows a strict schedule that dictates what they can and can't do in light of their indicators and goals.

So try to avoid harming yourself by following the training plan your body gives you – your feeling!