Vegetarians and rawists


Vegetarians and rawists

Author: Reilika Nestor 04.02.2015 at 00:00

There are two main trends in vegetarianism: cooking vegetarians and raw foodists. As their names imply, their main difference is in how food is prepared.

Cooking vegetarians consume animal products and use them when preparing dishes. Milk, butter, honey, salt, sugar, baked bread, and boiled and fried foods are all allowed.

Raw foodists don’t use anything that comes from animals. Not milk and dairy, not eggs, honey, not even sugar and salt. Food is never boiled or baked. Everything processed is left out from the menu, only a few herbs are allowed in moderation.

Raw foodism does not approve exploitation of animals and cooking food. Vegetarian food loses a lot of its nutritional value when boiled. Many vitamins, mineral salts, and other nutrients are lost when food is processed. Boiled foods also produce a glue-like paste (for example, flour foods can be used as an adhesive, boiled potatoes and potato starch have glue-like properties). Many consider this slime produced by consumption of boiled food and dairy products the cause of premature aging and illness. Cooking food is also more demanding on time and other resources.

Rawists believe this lifestyle to be meaningful only when followed consistently. Still, most doctors believe that our organisms need food of animal origin to be healthy.