TA65 – preparation of immortality?


TA65 – preparation of immortality?

Author: Reilika Nestor 30.12.2014 at 00:00

Biotech company Geron (Greek for “old man“) was founded on a 40 million dollar start-up, leading to the discovery of the telomerase gene, which allows cells to become immortal and gain a limitless division capacity. The company’s achievement was first tested on its owner Dr Mike Hayflick and they indeed succeeded in rewinding his biological clock. The lifespan of his cells and telomeres was extended 10 to 100 times.

Geron searched for other ways to activate telomerase and experimented with plants known from folk medicine. One Chinese plant soon revealed the molecule TA65. This lead millionaire Noel Patton, astonished by the idea of an eternal cell, to buy rights for selling TA65 as a nutritional supplement from Geron for an annual 15 000 dollars.

Doctor Bill Andrews from Sierra Sciences INS also experimented with telomerase. Until his company tries to develop a medicinal product from it, he uses TA65 as a supplement. He says that after a year of using telomerase, his eyesight and stamina have improved. He used to have wrinkles and spots on his hands, but the supplement helped to lose them.

Science hasn’t officially admitted the benefits of TA65. Professor Carol Greider feels that even if the company isn’t looking for an official license or scientific facts, it should still publish its studies on the beneficial nature of its product and telomeres in general. Professor Elizabeth Blackburn is blunter in saying that there is no scientific proof that telomeres have any effect on people. She too recommends manufacturers to substantiate their claims with adequate proof.

Approximate price:

TA-65: bottle of 30 capsules; 229 CAD or about 176.15 EUR
TA-65: bottle of 90 capsules; 599 CAD, 460.77 EUR
Ordering 4-7 bottles: 549 CAD, 422.31 EUR
Ordering 8+ bottles: 499 CAD, 383.85 EUR

Website of the preparation: http://ta65doctor.com/

(Immortal, USA 2010)