Chest massage!


Chest massage!

Author: Reilika Nestor 28.01.2015 at 00:00

Use different techniques to massage your chest. One of them is kneading that should be used from your breastbone towards the armpits, using your left hand on your right side and vice versa. The second method is squeezing, which should be used for larger chest muscles. For this, grab the back half of your left chest muscle with the fingers your right hand, while keeping your thumb in front.

Remain seated, and place your left arm loosely on your left thigh. Begin squeezing the muscle from your left breast (don’t take this literally – push your breast back a bit, because you should never massage breast glands), and move up towards the side until you reach the armpit. Use the tips of your right fingers to rub in outwards directed circles the muscle located in the upper half of your chest just below the collarbone. Begin lower and place your fingers higher with every move. Repeat this with your left hand on the right-side muscle.

Now it’s time for the lower chest muscles below breast-line and between your ribs. You’ll recognize them easily with your fingers. Focus on muscles located between your ribs. Place the spread fingers of your right hand on your midline and rub in circles towards the left side, slowly moving your fingertips upwards. Finish as high up below the breast as possible, but avoid touching your lacteal glands. Repeat the same on the right side with your left hand.

Then head over to your diaphragm that separates your abdomen from organs placed in your thorax. This is a domed muscle and its ends are attached to ribs. Massage the front half of your diaphragm with both hands at the same time. Sit slightly inclined forward and muscles relaxed. Take a firm grip below your rib cage and begin from the midline. Squeeze the muscle under your fingers, while heading towards the sides.

As you have probably noticed before, this is an area prone to form fatty tissue. Never skip this area, even your doing a partial self massage.

Begin massaging your back from the lateral part of the widest muscle. You need to be seated for this. If you begin from the right side, lean forward and place your right elbow on your right knee. This will help relax your right-side muscles. Now stretch your left hand far behind below your right hand and grab the lateral part of the muscle, keeping your thumb in front and your fingers behind. Squeeze the muscle moving upwards toward the armpit (the back edge of the armpit, to be precise).

You can rub the upper half of this muscle by bending your left hand from the elbow, placing the back of the hand between your shoulder blades, and kneading with your fingers toward the sides. Repeat with your other hand. Do this only in a seated position!