What to do with flat feet?


What to do with flat feet?

Author: Reilika Nestor 02.01.2015 at 00:00

Many people suffer from problems caused by flat-footedness, but oftentimes there not even aware of having flat feet. This is actually an easy thing to determine.

Rub the sole of your foot with something that's easily cleaned up later. Step on your floor to leave a footprint. Now take a pencil and connect the inner edges of the impression with one line. Divide the line in half with a crossing line. Now divide the new line in turn to three equal parts. If your footprint fits one third of this cross-section then you have a correct foot arch and you’re not flat-footed. If your foot extends towards half of the cross-section, your foot is in a harmful condition.

What to do in this situation? Firstly, you have to put on footwear appropriate for the weather and head to a doctor or an orthopedist. Only a doctor can prescribe correct orthopedic inner soles and special exercises that will help raise your foot arch.
Even a normal foot can become flat in time. Especially if we constantly work in a standing position and wear uncomfortable shoes.

We can try to avoid this by wearing shoes with soft and thick soles. The top parts of footwear should be made from breathable material. Shoes with open toes or heels also allow better ventilation of your feet. Try to use every possible moment to place your feet in a resting position: legs crossed and your feet on their outer edges. A good exercise is to walk on your toes with bare feet. You should walk both forward and backwards. Every imaginable kind of jumping is also good for strengthening your ankle muscles and forming your foot arch. A high arch is a beautiful arch!