Our hands!


Our hands!

Author: Reilika Nestor 02.12.2014 at 00:00

Women’s hands have always garnered remarkable attention. Untended hands appear unaesthetic, so don't leave them aside when caring for your face and body. You’ll find a few pointers below.

Beauty recipes for your hands

  • Mix 1 glass of rose water with half a glass of glycerin and 2 spoons of lemon juice. Lemon cleans and bleaches our hands. Use the leftover lemon to clean your elbows.
  • A fifty-fifty mixture of vinegar and oil makes your hands soft. In order to strengthen your nails, soak them in warm oil 2-3 times a week.
  • Nourishing cream: mix and melt 2 spoons of lanolin, ½ a spoon of cocoa butter, 1 spoon of bee wax, 5 tea spoons of sunflower oil in a bowl of warm water. Quickly add borax dissolved in water.

Exercises for your hands (repeat several times)

  • Stretch your hands as wide as possible, then tension and relax. Repeat several times.
  • Shake hands until relaxed.
  • Make as large circles as possible with your hand from the wrist.