Massage for tired muscles


Massage for tired muscles

Author: Reilika Nestor 03.01.2015 at 00:00

Massaging yourself generally has two effects. Firstly, it is calisthenic for your organism, and secondly, it alleviates the effects of tiredness. You have to remember that massages can be helpful in some situation, but they can become harmful in others. It's especially risky if practiced on oneself without any proper guidance and sufficient knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology.

The operating principle of muscles is very complicated. If a muscle becomes tired, it means it is receiving less oxygen, and its contraction becomes slower and demands more effort. Natural treatment for this condition is rest. We can support our bodies with self massage, which helps to speed up the recovery time of our muscles.

If you manage to find even the littlest amount of free time for this, you can practice self massage 10 to 15 minutes a day. Note that it is only recommended for people without any health issues.

You shouldn’t massage yourself if you…

  • …have a fever
  • …have different body aches
  • …suffer from a blood and/or vascular disorder
  • …have a skin disorder, ulcer, or other skin lesion
  • …have varicose veins
  • …have dirty hands or skin.