Relaxing – the best time for it?


Relaxing – the best time for it?

Author: Reilika Nestor 10.01.2015 at 00:00

Sadly, most of us haven’t learned to appreciate the importance and value of a short, say 15-minute break once in a while. Such short breaks are especially effective arriving home after work. Physical relaxation is closely related with mental unwinding and calming.

Today, surrounded by so much nervous movement, noise, and fuss, with every one working both physically and mentally for two or three, we need these short getaways more than ever. To get the most of them, we need peace. Ask your husband to take care of any essential chores and find some independent activities for your kids, so you can have some time for yourself.

Prepare two pieces of cotton dabbed in mild tea or chamomile blossom brew. Close the door of your room for 15 to 30 minutes. Open a window, no matter what the temperature outside. Of course, if it’s really hot in summer, leave it closed. Now lie down, place a flat pillow under your head and a rolled-up blanket under your feet. Cover your eyelids with wet cotton pads and place your arms straight along your body.

Breathe in and out calm and deep, knowingly keeping to a regular cycle. It’s important to avoid thoughts related to work and other obligations. Imagine parts of your body becoming heavier and lighter one after the other. Relax your muscles. This channeling helps you shut out your surroundings.

If you feel you’ve managed to unwind, remove the dabs from your eyes, slowly rise up, and calmly return to your activities.

P.S.! Never regret time spent on yourself!