Lilac brew


Lilac brew

Author: Reilika Nestor 19.01.2015 at 00:00

The healing lilac brew can be used all year round. You’ll find suggestions for making the brew below.

Take a wide-mouthed bottle or a narrow glass jar made from dark glass and providing a tight seal. Fill about half of the vessel with lilac petals and press them tight. Then cover them with pure spirit you can buy at a pharmacist. Cover the petals with about a fingers worth of spirit. Then close the container tightly and place it in a cool dark place. The brew will need gentle shaking from time to time.

In six weeks, the tincture is ready. Pour some of it into a small dark bottle and dilute it with two parts of cool boiled water. The liquid is now ready to be used.

In case of oily skin, the brew should be diluted in half with water. Rest of the tincture can be left soaking. If someone develops an injury that can go bad (e.g. a splinter) or has cracks in the corners of their mouth, you can take a single petal from the brew and place it over the affected area. Keep it firmly against the wound for a while. Rubbing this tincture in the right place can also alleviate muscle pain.