Joint massage


Joint massage

Author: Reilika Nestor 23.12.2014 at 00:00

Massaging has a very beneficial effect on joints, as they have a complex structure that need more care than mere exercise. This is especially so in case of leg joints that experience a much heavier load than your upper limb joints even in case of simple everyday walking. Since your knees are the most burdened joints in your body, they should receive special care. Correctly performed massage strengthens your joints and it is recommended as a prophylactic measure.

Let’s begin with your left foot. Place it along the edge of your couch sitting with your left side towards the couch. Stretch your right leg on the floor in front of you. Bend your left couch-side foot from the knee. Knead the knee joint of your bent leg with both hands, moving towards your thighs until you reach your crotch. Move your hands back to your knee to begin massaging the back of your knee.

Grab your knee between the fingers of your right hand and rub it in circular motions toward yourself. Then make rubbing movements alternating between your thumb and your fingertips held closely together. Always begin lower massaging the front side of the joint first.

Get your other hand involved too and rub the sides of the knee with circular movements of your thumbs. Remember that your motions should be directed upwards.

Now you only have to massage the back side of the knee, the hock. You'll rub it with all ten fingertips very gently, as it keeps important vessels and has very superficial nerves.

Move to massaging your thighs, but don’t change your position. Stretch your left foot along the edge of the couch, lean your right leg comfortably on the floor. To knead the front half of your thigh as your dealing with your knees, go straight to the squeezing technique. Do it simultaneously and slowly with both hands moving toward your hips from the knees.

To massage the back half of your thigh, bend your leg from the knee under about 90 degrees to better relax the muscle. Begin squeezing from the back of the knee heading towards your crotch.

Massage your buttocks while standing legs slightly spread. Massage your right buttock with your right palm. Begin with rubbing the muscle. Keep your fingers together and move upwards with circular movements. Direct your fingers slowly from the middle towards the edges and bring your fingers upwards with every movement. Then squeeze your buttock with similar movements but heading up. You should relax enough to easily grab the muscle between your fingers and thumb.

Repeat everything on your other leg and you’ve finished rubbing your lower limbs!