How to get rid of unpleasant body odor?


How to get rid of unpleasant body odor?

Author: Reilika Nestor 29.12.2014 at 00:00

Getting rid of armpit odor used to be a real challenge, but today people with perspiration issues just have to choose the right product and remember to use it after washing. We have a choice between thousands of products!

Unpleasant body odor implies seldom use of soap and water. Also that underwear hasn’t been kept clean or that the choice of material hasn’t been correct. Cleanliness is something that is expected especially of women. It also helps to underline your beauty.

Your skin is a very valuable organ from this viewpoint. Its breathing function is critical, since your lungs are not capable of supplying you with necessary oxygen alone. Your skin has countless blood vessels and nerves endings that distinguish between hot and cold. In addition to protecting your vital organs (not only of physical damage but also from bacteria), skin plays a vital role in the thermoregulation of our bodies. For this, the surface of our skin has sweat and sebaceous glands.

If you wish to look as young as you are or even younger, it's crucial to provide your skin with a lot of care and attention. Follow the below suggestions.

  • Wash yourself every day. Twice a day, if needed. You can use a sponge three times a week to rub off old skin and filth. It would be ideal to also visit a sauna once a week. If that’s not possible, take a hot shower and rinse yourself later with significantly colder water. Every so often you should enjoy a bath. It’s the perfect place to take masks and rub your feet with pumice stone.
  • Before massaging your body, dry yourself with a coarse towel and apply cream with strong circular movements. 
  • In the mornings, refresh your body by rinsing it with cold water. Always wash your lower body with warmer water.