How to use creams in different areas of your face?


How to use creams in different areas of your face?

Author: Reilika Nestor 27.12.2014 at 00:00

If your skin is still moist, take a bit of nourishing night cream on three fingers of both hands and spread it gently on your face and neck. Your hands should move simultaneously. Begin from the vertical axis of your face and neck, then move a bit up and outwards under an angle, first heading to your forehead, then to your cheeks and chin, and finishing on your neck.

The skin of both your upper and lower eyelids needs a particularly gentle and caring touch. Eyelids should never be rubbed, but dabbed delicately with only your index finger. Keep your eyes closed and completely relaxed. Begin applying cream from the outer corner of the eye. Move over the lower eyelid towards the nose and then along the upper eyelid back to the outer corner. You may dab the corner of the eye where “crow’s-feet” tend to form a bit stronger.

There’s a different technique for rubbing cream under your chin. Do it with the back of slightly stretched fingers moving your hand only from the wrist. You can tap stronger around the chinbone. It’s more comfortable to use your right hand for the left side and vice versa.

Like your eyelids, the neck is never rubbed, but stroked gently with soft downwards movements. Choice of neck cream should depend on the time of year – a lighter cream for summer, a fattier for winter.

Once in a while you should give your skin rest from nourishing creams. Otherwise skin becomes lazy and doesn't manage to regulate moisture on its own.

It’s also recommended to give your face steam baths. Begin by washing your face. Then position your head above a bowl of hot water and cover your head and the bowl with a light towel or sheet. This steam bath should last for 10 minutes. To renew steam just occasionally add water from the kettle. If you wish to truly caress your face, then use chamomile or lime blossoms in the water. Use a nourishing mask after the steam bath. Its effect will be stronger as it can reach deeper tissues.