How to take care of yourself in autumn?


How to take care of yourself in autumn?

Author: Reilika Nestor 10.11.2014 at 00:00

Springtime is beautiful since trees, shrubs and flowers marred by autumn and winter begin to blossom and reach their young leaves towards the sun. But you, my dear, who lets her face wither in autumn, shouldn’t hope to blossom in spring. If you wish to wield an evergreen freshness that lasts all autumn and brightens in spring, you will have to give your face a bit of care.

First of all, you should consider switching from your spring-summer underwear to thicker and warmer ones. Keep in mind, that wearing wrong underwear in autumn, especially in late autumn, is dangerous for both your health and beauty.

You’ve certainly noticed that some women have their thighs covered with chicken skin no matter the temperature. This is a result of freezing your skin. That woman probably didn't wear a long coat on her skirt in the winter or is used to wearing too thin clothes in general.

The same goes for overdoing it with sunbathing. That means your skin will definitely be dryer than it should be. This applies especially for you face since it’s the first to take the sun. In autumn, we’re also menaced by central heating which also dries our skin. That's why it's recommended to support your face with creams appropriate for your age and skin type. Luckily our local moisturizing creams are easily accessible and they’re not expensive compared to foreign brands. Remember that you shouldn’t always run for over-marketed wrinkle creams that contain addictive substances. Sometimes a simple moisturizing cream is all you need to apply under your eyes to get a thank-you from your skin.

Try also these nourishing facial masks:

  • Break an egg yolk to a cup, add a few drops of olive oil and mix together. If the mix turns thicker, add a spoonful of liquid honey and mix thoroughly. If the mass is still too fluid, add a tiny bit of potato starch or soy flour. Rub the mass on your neck and face, and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then wash the mask off with lukewarm water and rinse your face with colder water.
  • Take 3-4 ripe grapes, no matter what size. Cut them in half and rub the juice out. Soak a cotton pad with the juice and rub it on your face and neck.