How to care for yourself properly when the outside temperature drops below zero?


How to care for yourself properly when the outside temperature drops below zero?

Author: Reilika Nestor 19.11.2014 at 00:00

If you have normal or a bit dry skin then you have to wash your face at least an hour before leaving the house. If it's really freezing outside, you shouldn't wash your face at all before going out, but stick to wiping with gentle cleansing milk.

After drying your face well with a towel apply a greasier day cream. Areas under your eyes need special attention, but you should never do this shortly before leaving the house. Leave at least an hour between creaming and going out. Even a thin layer of make-up on creamed skin protects the face.

Apply a moisturizing cream to your face also a few hours before heading out hiking or skiing in the mountains. No matter whether it’s sunny or frosty outside – your face needs moisturizing.

  • A recipe for home camphor cream
Rinse your face with cold water shortly before heading to sleep and apply a camphor cream you've made from 50 grams of unsalted fat and 5 grams of camphor oil. Melt the fat and mix it thoroughly with oil. Then pour into a clean jar and let it cool.

Instead of dry skin, many women are troubled by excessively greasy skin that tends to cause clogged pores and inflamed pimples. A little suggestion:
  • Wash your face twice per day with boiled water and soap. After your evening wash, rinse your face with a horsetail brew that has a drying effect. To make horsetail brew, pour one glass of cold water on 1 spoon of horsetail preparation and boil for 20 minutes. Let it clear up and cool before using.
Don’t forget that although pores need drying, comedos and pimples need moisturizing!

With cold weather arriving, you always need to use seasonal creams. But there is also a host of homemade masks that work well on normal skin.
  • Nourishing cottage cheese mask
Take two spoons of fresh grainy cottage cheese, rub it soft and add an edd yolk. The pulp needs to be smooth and fairly thick. Cover your face and neck with the mixture and keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove with lukewarm water and rinse your face again with ice-cold water.
  • Nourishing and firming yeast mask
Take 30g of fresh yeast, crush it and mix with a spoonful of warm honey added little by little while stirring. Yeast becomes liquid when mixing. You can also add olive or soy oil. Apply the mixture on your face and neck while remaining lying on your back. Keep the mask on for 20 minutes and then wash your face and neck with lukewarm water. Thereafter rinse again with cold water.
  • Refreshing snow compress
The whole procedure takes up to 8 minutes. Gather 8 spoons of pure snow from your window pane or balcony. Place it on a towel you can you can use on your face and neck. You can also make a snowball that fits in the towel and support it on different areas of your face one after the other. Use the compress until your face begins to drip.

This procedure can be repeated every evening and morning before heading to work.