How much have your heard of the platysma muscle?


How much have your heard of the platysma muscle?

Author: Reilika Nestor 25.12.2014 at 00:00

The platysma is located medially along the side of the neck and is a thin and wide superficial muscle that roughly connects the lower part of your face and your thorax. The purpose of this muscle is to protect subcutaneous tissues of your neck. Tightening this muscle heavily gives your face a hostile or a slightly frightening look. Tightening it less will bring the corners of your mouth down. This results in an expression characteristic to contempt.

Every woman should be familiar with this muscle and we should be very aware of what happens when we leave it uncared for. Then were left with saggy cheeks and a so-called double chin that ruins the shape of our face. And the skin of our neck becomes covered with thin wrinkles.

This is how a woman’s neck slowly becomes her passport. It gives away her age well before wrinkles around her eyes will, much earlier than her arms becoming saggy or her waist losing its slender form.

Here are a few exercises to sculpt your neck.

  • Place the fingers of one hand slightly below your collarbone and touch the underside of your chin with the other. Now drag the corners of your mouth down rapidly. Try to tension your platysma consciously while doing so. It should be easy if you're aware of its position. A good contraction should move the skin of your upper thorax significantly upwards and your neck should develop fan-shaped crinkles. You should repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times.
  • O-U-X. Please sound this letters expressively and audibly. First pick up a mirror to observe how strong you manage to sound. For “O”, set your lips to a tube-like form and watch how your muscles come under tension, especially those around your mouth. When pronouncing “U”, purse your lips. In the beginning of sounding “X”, drag your mouth wide so that your lips form a tight slit and your tongue is pushed against the insides of your lower teeth. Bring the tip of your tongue as low as possible in the middle of making the sound and use your hand to touch the connection-point of your neck and jaw. Near the end of the sound, keep your tongue flat, but your neck muscle tensioned.
These exercises are easy to follow and, in time, help you achieve a prettier neck.