Author: Reilika Nestor 01.01.2015 at 00:00

Moving is the cornerstone of our health. Every person should walk at least 45 minutes a day. The more zealous among us manage at least 7 km per day. You shouldn’t drive your pulse too high while walking, but rather walk leisurely to calm yourself.

How to walk correctly? When walking, you should place your feet parallel to one another extending your toes a bit outward. Your heel is the first to touch ground, but you shouldn’t raise your toes up. Just keep them from touching ground at the same time as your heel. Steps should be appropriate for your height and size – neither too long nor too short. When moving one foot in front of the other you need to stretch your knee out as far as possible. Note that many women who walk on high heels have their legs constantly bent from the knees and that’s very unattractive.

While walking, your hips should move up and down. Your shoulders and head should be held in good posture, your back should be straight and your hands should hang loose. You shouldn't carry heavy bags constantly with one as in time this will elevate one shoulder and skew your back to one side. To avoid this you should change hands when carrying things.

Low heels do the least damage to your feet as they create the most natural posture for them. In addition to a beautiful walk, it is also important to care for the appearance of your feet by giving them a 20-minute bath at least once a week. This should always followed by making circles with your feet and applying an appropriate cream. The latter gives you a change to massage your feet and relax them after a tiresome day.