Author: Reilika Nestor 02.01.2015 at 00:00

Constipation mostly affects people with a sitting job. Very often, causes for excessive body weight should be looked for in digestive dysfunction or, in simpler words – constipation. In addition to increased body weight, this can also cause eczema, rashes, acne.

How to free yourself of constipation?

  • Drink a glass of milk 15-20 minutes before breakfast. If you don’t like milk then drink unboiled water.
  • If you have more time and you’re willing to try, you can leave a few dried black plums to soak in the evening, then add a bit of honey in the morning and eat this compote before breakfast. Honey and dried plums are rich with vitamins. Eat the compote on an empty stomach. This will give it a stronger effect.

After eating water, milk, or your plum and honey mixture in the morning, you need to walk, exercise or move yourself in some other way.