Quick weight loss and starving yourself


Quick weight loss and starving yourself

Author: Reilika Nestor 29.01.2015 at 00:00

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re facing an important event, but we just can't fit in the right clothes. Is a quick weight loss reasonable or does it do irreparable damage to your health?

There are numerous quick diets available these days that should help you lose weight swiftly. We’ll try to give an overview of what’s good for you and what’s not.

Systematic and/or long-term starving leads people into an extreme state that can result in a hospital stay. Eating this way (or NOT eating, to be precise) causes digestive deficiencies which lead to a lifelong diet of crisped bread and steamed foods. This is far from pleasurable because even people taking very good care of their figure love to indulge at times and allow themselves a piece of a “strictly forbidden treat”, be it pepperoni, herring, pasta or cake. After rough games with food all of this becomes a mere dream.

Note! You should never begin a diet without previously consulting with a specialist or physician.

  • Swiss diet. Best kept for spring or autumn when it’s easier to get fresh fruit and vegetables.
200-300 g of lean meat or fish (boil or stew)
2-3 slices the size of an average palm and 0.5 cm thick
2 eggs
0.5 l of skimmed milk (2 glasses)
50 g of sugar (7 large teaspoons)
50 g of lean cottage cheese (1/5 of a pack)
100-150 g of rye bread (two-three 2 cm slices)
100 g of potatoes or wheat products
50 g of butter
+ vegetables, salads, fruits (excl. pears and plums)

This menu accounts for everything a person needs in a day, but we still only recommend it to completely healthy women. Before changing your eating habits, it’s very important to consult with a physician.

  • Express diet. This diet can also be called the New Years Eve diet as it's most often used before an important event when we wish to fit in specific clothes but discover that our waistlines have gained a bit. This diet is strictly recommended for two days and not longer.
The diet consists of 4 apples, 1 lemon, a lean piece of meat, and 3 pcs of crispbread.