Proper hair care


Proper hair care

Author: Reilika Nestor 17.03.2014 at 00:00

Not long ago, people used to believe in pretty extreme methods of hair care. For example, hair was rubbed with bull blood and fresh animal fat. Luckily we don’t have to use such measures today. We’ll be listing a few simple tricks for hair care with common household items, without the need to spend a dime at salons or on industry-grade products.

Be as it may with those old beliefs, but our hair does need iron, copper, iodine. If you have greasy hair, you should eat salads, meat, fresh fish, liver, egg and cheese. In case of dry hair, add vegetable oil to your menu and avoid fried foods. Dandruff can be shaken with being healthy in general and minding a good diet.

A mix of vinegar and water also helps against dandruff: 2 spoons of vinegar and 6 spoons of water. This should be applied on the head with a dampened cotton pad. The procedure can be repeated twice a week until the problem disappears.
It’s useful to massage dry hair with olive oil, then cover your head with a dampened towel for the night and wash the oil out thoroughly in the morning. You can rub a few spoons of lemon juice in before washing. You can also try washing with an egg.
You should cold water instead of warm to avoid the egg responding to water temperature and lose its positive effects.

Another trick to add shine to your hair is to rub rhubarb on your scalp and hair. Try it yourself!