Hair loss


Hair loss

Author: Reilika Nestor 23.11.2014 at 00:00

“Quality of life” is often most visibly expressed by a woman's looks, something to which we all unconsciously and willingly give at lot of attention. Hair is an important aspect of one’s looks that is constantly in sight. This is why hair can make a woman eye-catching both in a positive and a negative sense. Everything depends on hair health. If a woman notices that her hair is not as she wishes it to be, then she can turn to a wide choice of resources. In extreme cases, it might be useful to visit a dermatologist or an endocrinologist.

Thinning hair is a common phenomenon at an older age. However, hair loss and even balding are becoming more prevalent among women as young as their forties. This problem is considered a typical manifestation of increased levels of male sex hormones. Women also produce a small amount of testosterone, i.e the male sex hormone. The level of male hormones in a woman’s body is increased by stress and depression. Additional testosterone in your blood circulation will reach your hair and cause hair follicles to wane and hair to fall out. There is also a theory that the blood hormone level of women experiencing hair loss is normal, but their hair is hypersensitive to male sex hormones.

A woman might also lose hair due to an unhealthy diet, diabetes, or a thyroid disorder. Genes and heredity also play an important role here. Temporary hair can additionally be caused by pregnancy and use of contraceptive preparations or devices.

There’s no cause for too much worry, since both men and women have 100 to 200 thousand hair follicles on their heads.
Blonds have more and their hairs are thinner. Redheads have less and their hair is coarser. Dark-haired women average in both volume and thickness. Single hairs grow from two to five years and in a few months some are pushed from their roots to make room for growing follicles. Hence a person loses an average of 50 to 100 hairs per day which are quickly replaced with new hair.

An effective home remedy is using an olive oil mask that is left in your hair for several hours. You can also try a henna mask, egg, mustard powder, sour cream, onion, and honey. Mix components to new untried masks, apply them, and rinse thoroughly from your hair in some time.