Foot care


Foot care

Author: Reilika Nestor 17.03.2014 at 00:00

What man or woman wouldn’t wish a nice compliment for their feet? The first thing noticed is hygiene. You should always wash your feet twice a day with lukewarm water. Remember that hot baths are forbidden if you suffer from varices or flat feet. Wear elastic compression stocking to avoid or treat varicose veins, especially when your have to stand excessively at work.

Foot baths

  • Salt and fruit vinegar bath
1 handful of salt or 1 glass of diluted vinegar per foot bath. Keep feet in water for 10 minutes. This bath has a refreshing effect and it keeps feet from sweating.

  • Alternating bath
Use two washing bowls – one with cold and another with warm water. Keep your feet in one bowl for 5 minutes, and then lift them to the other. Repeat this change 5 to 10 times. Baths with different temperatures help to improve blood circulation.

  • Herbal bath
Take a handful of herbs and 1 liter of water. Stew the herbs on low heat and strain to the bath.
Chamomile, peppermint and rosemary are perfect herbs for tired feet.
Arnica, rosemary and pine needles help with joint pains.
Oak bark, sage and common horsetail can be used with sensitive feet.
Use peppermint, hemp or elder for swollen feet.
Lavender and rosemary help with sweaty feet.
Oak bark baths are good for cold feet.
If your legs are hot, swollen and/or tired, rub them with ice cubes. It would be even better if the cubes contain peppermint extract (should be prepared earlier in the freezer).

Other useful activities and tips

Blood circulation is also boosted by riding a bike, swimming, running and walking. Foot massages are especially effective. It's useful to rub legs with a coarse terry towel once a day moving up from the toes. Rub your ankles stronger, but use less force above your calves. If the skin of your knees has become rough then it can be softened with citric juices and oils. A mixture of honey and lemon juice is usually very helpful.

Cream your legs in the evening. Rub it in to relax your feet.