Have your own style? If not, find it!


Have your own style? If not, find it!

Author: Reilika Nestor 14.11.2014 at 08:00

If you want to dress well, follow these rules:

  • If you lack a good taste or sense of style yourself, then observe other women and their clothing. How would you like to dress like them?
  • Simple is beautiful. Being elegant does not equal haute couture. A simple dress, blouse or other plain item can make you look good. Over-doing it with colors and jewelry is not always the best choice when aiming for beauty. 
  • The first impression clothes should leave is cleanness. To leave an even cleaner impression, iron clothes right after washing.
  • Dress according to the season. 
  • Tweak fashion to fit your figure.
  • Pick colors that feel right for your looks and personality.
  • Colors should be picked according to skin tone. This isn’t a golden standard, but you may want to rely on the following guidelines:
  • Very light skin – tobacco brown, marine green, sky blue
  • Ivory skin – bright dark blue, sowbread pink, banana yellow
  • Normal skin – wine red, green, pink
  • Rosy-cheeked face – ash gray, dark blue, dark green
  • Olive skin – creamy coffee, olive green, brown
  • Dark olive skin – marine green, pale light blue, brownish red
  • Light tan – chestnut brown, bright light blue, red, ash gray
  • Tanned skin – lettuce green, banana yellow, grayish green
  • It is often said that dark clothes create an impression of a thinner body, yet the color black tends to articulate curves. 
  • Large patterns to not so much give away a larger body impression than call attention to curves. 
  • The most important aspect of clothing is a woman's contentment: a woman should feel great in her body!

Most men don’t know anything about women’s fashion. They rather tend to appreciate what is already worn. Whenever their opinions are asked, even when writing this article, their answer remains the same: there’s beautiful clothing and there’s awful clothing, nothing in between.

A man interested in you will notice absolutely everything your wear, how you behave, how you handle high heels, how you bend your knees, etc. If you are clean and washed, your clothes are well-kept and you look groomed, a man will compliment your looks at one point. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing your own creation or the latest Versace dress.