The subconscious – our enemy?


The subconscious – our enemy?

Author: Reilika Nestor 12.11.2014 at 08:00

Emotional tendencies like spirituality, instincts, longing, desire, anger, rage, experience, vengeance, greed, or mere innocent dreams should not be viewed as a dead weight swept under the rug of our subconsciousness, as they tend to continue their shadow lives in the depths of our psyche. All distressing nightmares and het-up desires or dreams we experience naturally at night are formed to an extent by our unconscious mind. If it gathers a critical mass of spiritual fall-out or residue, then these will one day prevail and break down the door between the cellar of our subconscious and the living room of our consciousness. At that moment, everything that has tormented a person in dreams, will step into their everyday lives. This is how a person can develop anxiety, neurasthenia and hysteria (a state of unmanageable emotional excesses).

Modern people tend to show signs of anxiety, neurasthenia and hysteria regardless of occupation. To an extent, this can strain us, our loved ones and our environment. Underlying causes for this can be health problems, the robotic haste and bustling of big cities, emotional distress, or fears that can cast a shadow over everyone’s inner workings.

Many of us have an inherited tendency towards greater irritability and responsiveness. This is why we should be more alert for emotional imbalance our parents our grandparents leading peaceful lives do not always comprehend. Seeking relaxation after a tiring workday from superficial and unsatisfying amusements is very misguided. This is where our subconscious turns us towards entertainment venues, drugs, alcohol, erotica and sports.

Women of today are most troubled by unconscious worries leading to malnourishment. Families strive to conform to the model of a perfect family. All of this causes stress and depression. Failure is not an option. This leads to daily tension and discontent with our achievements.

A solution towards a better life and relaxed mind is letting go of thoughts in ones subconsciousness. This demands utmost care, as casting aside everything can never be a good thing. But when we develop the power to live in harmony with our feelings and instincts, not only will we become better people, we will also find it easier to gain control over our consciousness.