Adaptogens – balancing herbal preparations!


Adaptogens – balancing herbal preparations!

Author: Reilika Nestor 03.03.2014 at 00:00

Adaptogens are preparations that help you adapt to mental and bodily overburden, variations between cold and heat, oxygen deficiency, stress, and other extreme conditions. Modern medicine knows adaptogens as herbal preparations and nootropics. These include ginseng, five flavor berry, golden root, leucea, aralia.

Nootropics regulate the brain's oxygen supply and oxidative processes, cardiovascular system, cell nutrition, pain mechanisms, convulsion diseases, and muscle tone. They reduce weariness of your psyche, general impatience and tiredness, and increase mental and bodily activity, restore memory access, and maximize capacity.
The most important nootropic effect is to stimulate your learning abilities and memory by fighting cellular oxygen deficiency. Nootropics can only be used in case of specific indications and with a prescription.

Use of nootropic medication is cannot be too harmful as they usually don't have negative side effects. Furthermore, moderate use of nootropic substances has antitoxic. If you use them abundantly in the second half of the day, you may find it difficult to get sleep and you may experience heart palpitations.

Aminalon is one of the most well-known nootropics. Some time ago it was available as an over-the-counter drug. Methods of evidential medicine have shown that nootropics like aminalon, nootropil, and others that were once considered promising are actually ineffective. For example, metamizole (Anaglin) predisposes development of chronic pain and short-term nifedipine lowers arterial blood pressure but doesn’t avoid complications related to hypertension. This is why we suggest the alternative of trying herbs or, in other words, herbal preparations.

One of the most widespread adaptogens is ginseng. It is said that herbal adaptogens should not be used in case of physical excitement, hypertension, sleep disorders, infectious diseases, fever, or high outside temperature, because all of these can raise your body temperature.
The effects of the crop of five flavor berry are also well-known. The roots of the devil's club, leucea and five flavor berry are used in different ways: the leaves and crop is used for tea, toning beverages and salads. They can also be used for making balm. The woody stems of these shrubs can be used for cosmetic masks, shampoos and baths.
Golden root has garnered interest in Estonia. It is a perennial herb that can be grown in your own garden. It is often compared to ginseng.

Tea made from adaptogenic plants is often compared to Chinese tea or coffee.
Adaptogens do not increase the output of peoples organs, but they do support their function when their impaired by illness or due to exhaustion.

It should be noted that different plants have different effects on people. This is why you should always begin use in small amounts.