Conditions and Copyright



Revised: 17.11.2013

1. Application of conditions and content

The conditions of use of this website (hereinafter Conditions) regulate the legal relationship between users (hereinafter Users) of website (hereinafter Site) and the owner of the Site Femini OÜ (address Tallinn 10112, Tartu mnt 84A-133, hereinafter Users and are hereinafter referred to as Parties.

1.2. The Site consists of an external or public part, and an inner or closed part. Sections of the external part are open to all visitors for reading. Visitors are also allowed to comment on articles of the external part without logging in. The internal closed part is available only to registered users and allows asking questions, commenting, writing stories both publicly and privately, making posts in forums, etc.

1.3. With visiting the Site, Users agree to follow these Conditions without further confirmation. Users of the Site’s closed part confirm understanding of the below conditions of use during registration.

1.4. If you do not agree with the conditions of use, you must cease use of the Site immediately.

1.5. In addition to the conditions of use, Users must follow commenting rules applied by in the Site’s forums.

1.6. We kindly ask you to report all problems related to the use of the Site to our editorial staff at

2. Obligations of a User

2.1. Users are obliged to use the Site according to its purpose. Users are prohibited from using the Site for fraud and other illegal purposes, also for advertising and distribution of spam.

2.2. Users confirm that data they have communicated to during use of the Site is correct, current and precise, and does not conflict with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia or other legal acts, or good morals and practices.

2.3. Users are obliged to refrain from disturbing or impairing normal use of the Site and causing intentional error in the functions of servers and programs of the Site.

2.4. Users are obliged to keep the password and username issued for use of the Site from third parties, except when the User has authorized third parties to represent him or her in use of relevant Services. Users are obliged to inform immediately if data allowing their identification has been compromised by third parties.

3. Rights and obligations of

3.1. If a User does not observe obligations set forth in these Conditions, has the right to limit or revoke the User’s right to use the Site.

3.2. has the right to change and amend these Conditions unilaterally at any time in the interest of continued development of the Site and services offered. Users will be immediately notified of these changes via e-mail or the Site.

3.3. has the right to monitor activities on the Site at all times, including following articles and comments entered by Users.

3.4. has the right to remove entries made on the Site by Users, if these conflict with the Conditions, good practices or current legislation.

3.5. In order to improve usability of the Site, can relocate entries made by Users within the Site, without changing the content of such entries.

4. Processing of personal data

4.1. In these Conditions, personal data is construed as following records that allow identification of the User and are entered by the user when registering on the Site: name, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, residence, telephone number. This is data that is expected to remain concealed from other users and visitors of the Site (excl. the username). Users have the opportunity to publish their personal data if they wish to do so.

4.2. Personal data needs to be processed to assure identification of the User, fulfillment of these and other relevant Terms and conditions by the User, and protection of the User’s own rights.

4.3. is prohibited from using personal information provided by Users when registering on the Site for whatever other purpose than providing services related to the Site. is not allowed to communicate personal data of Users to third parties and will do everything reasonably in its power to avoid personal data from becoming public or available to third parties in other ways.

4.4. Users authorize to process their personal data when agreeing with the Conditions. Use of personal data will take place with approval of the User and pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act.

4.5. Processing of personal data is the responsibility of’s owner Femini OÜ.

5. Copyrights and references

5.1. Articles, photos, videos, design elements, functional components (buttons, scripts, icons, databases, etc), and other material available on website belong to and the rightful owner of the copyright. Users are prohibited from copying, distributing, and publishing of copyrighted material available on the website, except when permitted by law.

5.2. Articles and other information published on the Site can be referenced to the extent of three sentences and have to mention as the source. When referring online, the reference must include a link to the relevant article on

5.3. If a User violates the above referencing rules, has the right to demand immediate termination of the violation and compensation of damages. Irrespective of the extent and existence of damages, reserves the right to apply a contractual penalty of 500 euros for illegal use of articles and 250 euros for other violations.

5.4. Publishing material on the Site that is not copyrighted by is allowed with the permission of the author or the holder of the copyright.

6. Liability of parties

6.1. Clients use the Site on their own responsibility. is not responsible for the legality, truthfulness, and validity of entries made by Users on the Site, nor for fulfillment of obligations arising from the Conditions by Users.

7. Settlement of disputes

7.1. Disputes concerning the forum and the comments section will be resolved in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Estonia in Estonian courts.