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Revised: 17.11.2013

The editorial staff of Femini OÜ considers it extremely important to maintain the forum of as an aesthetic and user-friendly environment. This is why we ask our users to follow certain rules when using the forum. Comments that are inappropriate, derogatory or conflict with good practice in other ways will most likely be deleted and the relevant user can be banned from further use of the forum.

When using the forum, you agree to follow these conditions of use.

1. General provisions

1.1. These conditions of use of the forum (hereinafter Rules) apply to all forums and comments sections (hereinafter Forum) published on or related sites managed by Femini OÜ.

1.2. Users of the Forum (hereinafter User) can publish their own comments to photos, news and other publications on website They can also use the Forum available on to make posts.

1.3. Femini OÜ does not edit comments and forum posts. Nor can it be held responsible for their content.

1.4. Use of the Forum is free. With using the Forum, every User confirms that he or she agrees with these conditions of use and will follow them when using the Forum.

2. Requirements on content of posts

2.1. Content of posts must follow requirements set forth in current legislation of the Republic of Estonia (incl. requirements on advertisement, processing of personal data, protection of one’s good name and privacy), and these conditions of use. Users are prohibited from making posts that can be considered derogatory, discriminating, against good faith and morals, profane, or unaesthetic.

2.2. Femini OÜ has the right to delete comments and posts that conflict with legislation of the Republic of Estonia, that damage or are likely to damage rights of third parties, or do not comply with common moral standards in terms of content or use of language. Femini OÜ also has the right to block IP addresses related to such posts from accessing or its parts to avoid further breach of these rules.

2.3. Posts that will be deleted include comments and forum posts which:

2.3.1. have been written or are likely to be written posing as another person (illegal use of an other person’s identity can bring punishable pursuant to criminal procedure);
2.3.2. insult other persons;
2.3.3. contain profane language or are indecent in other ways;
2.3.4. instigate hostility, violence or other illegal activity;
2.3.5. contain commercial links, text or other forms of commercial offers;
2.3.6. conflicts current legislation of the Republic of Estonia;
2.3.7. publishes personal data of third persons;
2.3.8. contain repetitive posts with identical content or posts that are irrelevant to the topic of the forum or lack meaning.

3. Responsibility for content of posts

3.1. The content of a post is the liability of the author who publishes the relevant post on the Forum. These rules also apply for the user forum of

3.2. Femini OÜ is not responsible for the content and validity of comments made under articles and on the Forum.

3.3. Please consider, that 1) making a post that is derogatory towards a person, or violates any other right he or she may have, may result in a claim for the compensation of damages by the author of the relevant post; 2) violations of requirements for processing of personal data can result in supervision proceedings and a claim for the compensation of damages by the author of the post containing unauthorized personal data; 3) advertisement of goods and services can lead to supervision proceedings and misdemeanor procedure; 4) violations of copyrights and trademark rights can lead to criminal proceedings, a claim for the compensation of damages, and also a claim for licensing fees. Legal consequences of such posts are the sole responsibility of their authors.

3.4. Consequences of using hyperlinks and their linked content made available in posts on the Forum are the responsibility of the user who has posted such a link. Femini OÜ cannot be held liable for damages related to posting of links directing you to other websites.

4. Copyrights and licenses allowing use of work

4.1. Users are only allowed to publish copyrighted work (photos, parts of literary work, etc), use trademarks and other intellectual property rights, if they hold the right to publish such work. The user publishing copyrighted work on the Forum bears the sole responsibility for acquiring necessary rights or permission.

4.2. If a post violating the above requirement has been made on the Forum, Femini OÜ reserves the right to delete it without prior notice.

4.3. With publishing copyrighted work on the Forum or communicating it on the Forum or to Femini OÜ, you agree with the use of this material by Femini OÜ, including reproduction, distribution and presentation (a license for an unspecified term). Femini OÜ uses such material mentioning the author's name (the license does not cover the author’s personal rights). The purpose of the relevant license is to allow active editing and relocation of text on the Forum by Femini OÜ.

4.4. All work copyrighted by Femini OÜ or third parties are protected with copyright law and it is illegal to copy or distribute such material, to publish it for commercial purposes, to use it in mass media or in any other way without prior consent from the author.

4.5. Femini OÜ does not pay any fee to authors or users who publish content on or use it in any other way on the website, excluding instances where Femini OÜ and the author agree otherwise. If Femini OÜ receives work for which the submitter did not have necessary rights and the actual author fails a claim for compensation of damages, a claim for license fees or any other monetary claim with Femini OÜ, then the latter can direct this claim for damages or other monetary claim to the person who submitted such work.

5. Protection of personal data

5.1. Protection of personal data by Femini OÜ is regulated by the conditions of use of Femini OÜ will provide a high level of security for personal data.

6. Settlement of disputes

6.1. Disputes concerning the forum and the comments section will be resolved in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Estonia in Estonian courts.